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Opportunities for irrigators to save $$$

Could your irrigation system benefit from a VFD?  Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are used to adjust water flow and pressure on irrigation systems.  Contact Raft River Electric for details regarding incentive payments that may apply for installing a VFD on your irrigation system.

Rebates are also available for:

  • Cut and pipe press repair of leaking hand lines, wheel lines and portable mainlines
  • Rebuilt or new brass sprinkler
  • New gasket for wheel lines or hand lines
  • New low-pressure regulators with pivot sprinklers (entire privot must be upgraded)
  • New multiple-configuration nozzels for low-pressure pivot sprinklers
  • New "gooseneck" elbow for new drop tubes
  • New drop tube for low-pressure pivot
  • New center pivot base boot gasket
  • New multi-trajectory sprays that replace impact sprinklers
  • New drains for wheel lines, hand lines, or pivots
  • New hubs for wheel lines

Download the Irrigated-Agriculture Standard Measure Schedule

For more information on how you can begin to save energy and $$$, contact us today.

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