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2019 Director Election Results

CO-OP MEMBERS HAVE A VOICE: Raft River Electric is owned by its members and governed by a board of directors elected from its membership. Co-op board of directors serve a three-year term and attend monthly meetings to guide policy and budget decisions. Democratic member participation is one of the greatest advantages of a cooperative. Elections for 2019 were held at annual meeting for seats in Districts 1 and 3. The elected board members are shown below.

District 1, John Campbell

I have enjoyed farming and living in Juniper, Idaho for thirteen years and for many summers before that while school was out for summer break.  I grew up in and went to school in Logan, Utah.  After receiving our degrees my wife, Beth, and I moved to Juniper to manage our four generation family farm.  Our four children all attend Raft River schools.  We are very committed to our community and the wellbeing of our neighbors.  We love living in the Malta area and appreciate the strength and work ethic of people in rural America.

Some of my duties on the farm include the management of the irrigated ground.  This includes keeping all the equipment and wells operating, organizing employee efforts, marketing commodities and managing finances.  I understand the challenges facing farmers and ranchers, as I deal with many of the same challenges in my own operation. 

 I received a bachelor degree in Geology from Utah State University in 2005. My schooling provided me with tools that have helped me in my operation and will help me be an effective director at Raft River Electric.  I have also been serving on the Cassia County Farm Bureau board of directors for the last four years.  My service with Cassia County Farm Bureau has provided me with experience not just in cooperative goal setting and execution, but also in how to navigate politics and influence how politics impacts all our lives.  Additionally, I have been fortunate enough to serve in various other civic and religious capacities.

I believe in the Mission of Raft River Electric and the goals of Rural Electric Cooperatives.  I have always enjoyed working with Raft River Electric and will continue to do so.  I am confident that my experience and insight would be of value to the Board. Thank you for your consideration.

 District 3, Dennis Poulsen